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April 1st 2023 - 30 years of FUGAZI

About us

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The beginnings of the company

Our company was established on April 1, 1993, as a three-person civil partnership, being the first company of this type in Małopolska.

In the initial period of our innovative activity, we can boast of adapting the TAXI 919 network and other transport companies to run on propane-butane gas.

In November 1994, under an agreement with the Warsaw company BREW-EL, we obtained authorization to install gas installations in FSO cars covered by warranty,

and in later years to the successively implemented Daewoo-FSO and finally Daewoo models.

First permits

Since April 5, 1996, we have had direct permission from the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy to install gas installations in motor vehicles.

In January 1998, also under an agreement with BREW-EL, we were authorized to install gas installations in Fiat Auto Poland S.A. cars.

In February 2000, we became an authorized installation and service station for LANDI RENZO automotive gas installations in KIA cars - without loss of warranty.

Pierwsze zezwolenia
Mechanika pojazdowa
Development of our company

In 2006, we launched the VEHICLE MECHANICS department, where we perform current repairs, major repairs and periodic inspections of passenger cars and delivery vans, as well as servicing car air conditioning.

Since 2011, we have been an Authorized STAG Service (previously - AC S.A. Partner Service Workshop)

* In August 2014, we changed our company headquarters for the first time !!! From October 2016 - Fugazi in the Gas Specjalist - Landirenzo network Since April 2021, our vehicle mechanics have been in the global purchasing network - NEXUSAUTO

Welcome to LINDEGO 20!

* We invite you to LINDEGO 20, where we have a spacious parking lot for customers,

one large customer service office and more stations to service your cars :) -


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