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Serwis lpg

Gas Installation

We specialize in professional installation of LPG and CNG systems in passenger cars and delivery vans.

We provide comprehensive service, from technical advice to assembly, adjustment and acceptance of the vehicle.

Thanks to our services, customers can enjoy lower car operating costs and lower emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Gas Service

We offer professional maintenance services for LPG and CNG systems.

Our experienced team of specialists performs diagnostics, repairs and adjustments of gas systems, ensuring full functionality and safe use of the vehicle.

Regular service helps avoid unpleasant breakdowns and extends the life of the gas installation.

Serwis lpg
Mechanika pojazdowa
Car mechanics

Our workshop offers comprehensive car repair and maintenance services.

Our offer includes a wide range of services, including: replacement of oil, brake systems, suspension, engine, gearboxes and exhaust systems.

Thanks to our experience and specialized equipment, we are able to quickly and effectively diagnose and repair car faults.

Service of air conditioning systems

We provide comprehensive servicing of air conditioning systems in cars.

Our services include diagnostics, service and repair of air conditioning, as well as fungal removal and disinfection of systems.

Thanks to regular maintenance, customers can enjoy a comfortable ride in their car even on the hottest days.

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